Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chemicals React- Aly & AJ

Life is marvellous isnt it? World, nature, Earth.
But now, I want you to keep going down and to study the next 2 pics.

Can you see the gun shoot's holes in the road "correct behaviour" poster? That's Nairobi's suburbs.
And can you see that girl with a ballon in her hand in front of my mum. That smile, that little great smile, brings me both euforic and miserable feelings eacht time I remember about it. That little girl lived in a "town" in the middle of nowhere. She was wearing no shoes, she was looking sick skinny, but oh god, she was smiling at a ballon. All those little children didnt stop to kiss me and they were giving me hugs as if I just gave them a million dollars check. They were HAPPY. Happy because the had faith, they had hope. 
You all have amazing lifes, amazing families, and the opportunity of having a wonderful education. Please, just make the most as you can of them. Do it for me. For the little smiling girl.


  1. Great post!

    xoxo Isa.

  2. Que bonito, me has dejado 5 minutos pensativa jajaja es una suerte que gente como tu sea consciente de la situaciĆ³n de esta gente, muchas personas viven ajenas a este otro "mundo". Un beso y por cierto me encanta vuestro blog!

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  4. Me encantaria vivir algo parecido :)

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