Saturday, November 26, 2011

Talk that Talk-Rihanna&JayZ

 Pics are from Benny's Room Facebook

Yesterday, the beautiful Bea Nicolas was hosting a cocktail party in her Benny's Room shop for the launch of Miranda Makaroff's (YEEAHH, WE MET HERR<33) new jerseys collection, and we couldn't miss it!
In a Rihanna's rythm, Dita Von Teese's Cointreau cocktails and jummy brownies and strawberries, we totaaaally falled in love with the new collection!! By the way, a piece of it is gonna be under my Christmas tree. <3 M.~


  1. Lo sé! En cuanto vi la foto fue como... ¡quiero esa camisa!
    Por cierto, veo ropa preciosa por aquí. Me encanta el jersey marron con el perrito de la quinta foto, además parece super agradable!