Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain Over Me-Marc Anthony ft. Pitbull


Currently obsessed with:
1.High-waisted cut-offs in any color.
2.Dreamy colors mixtures.
3.Though about you when I saw this Paula.
5.Hair pieces and dones.
6.Gems and stones.
7.Preppy dresses.
8.Beach/pools outfits.
9.Fluor colors.
10.Leopards (The animal, not the cloth)

Im thinking about getting a Tumblr, opinions about it?
Awww, and I've finally decided what Im doing with my hair, will tell you soon! <3


  1. tumblr? haztelo yo tengo el mio es http://originallive.tumblr.com/ jijijiji, por cierto lo que te hagas en el pelo si son mechas de colores, yo si que me las voy a hacer muahahah :$

  2. Geniales las fotos ;)

    Un besoo