Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet Disposition-The Temper Trap



Sooo... Ask someone of you asked whats in our wishlist, here comes mine (Marta):
1.That Moschino belt and those cutoffs.
2.A dreamcatcher (searching for the perfect one)
3.No-back tanks or dresses. Think that one is from Nasty Gal.
4.Both of this Alexander Wang handbags. Never too late for getting them!
5.Kinda obssesed with nail art.
6.Black Clubmaster Raybans. Classic.
7.TOMSTOMSTOMSTOMS! Why didnt i get a pair of them at LA? Awww! (Love the studs on these ones).
8.Just another dreamcatcher.
9.In Spain we call this "La mano de Fátima". Really dont know the translation. Want a necklace or bracelet of it.
10.Flower crownsss<3
11.Did I heard DIY in here?
12.More amazing nail art.
15.Someday I will save enough for getting one. I will.
16.Dont know where the dress is from! Love the dark nails too (trending this next season, trust meee).
17.More more more DIY.
18.Jewelled bras.
19.MAC magical eyeshadows.
20.Jeffrey Campbell's "Foxy" in black.
21.Favourite Levi's cutoffs.
22. Same as 8, why didnt i get one of this American Apparel wallets?
23.That glittered tank (Nasty Gal) and a pair of suede boots.
24.Still deciding if I should get this one or make it myself.
25.I dont have words to describe how much I like that dress. Actually I NEED IT. Please somebody tell me where to find it!
26.Vans B&W classic cap.
27.Wish they could be Loboutins, but a mid-brand glittered heels work for me too.

Ohh! And you asked me too about what Im doing in my hair back to Madrid, and more or less is this! (Its called "ombré hair").

<3 Really love you all.


  1. oye chicas os lo digo de verdad, cada vez las entradas son mejores ajajjaajja :$ un besito

  2. Me encantan las fotos, como siempre!
    De dónde las sacais?? ;)


  3. Menudo post!!
    Es fantastico!
    Yo tambien estoy buscando un atrapasueños para mi habitacion pero aun no he encontrado el ideal!
    Que fuerte, me encanta como le queda a la gente lo que quieres tu hacerte en el pelo! Que ganas de que subas fotos con ello!

  4. Son preciosas las fotos (:
    No son todas tuyas verdad?
    Lo malo,esque se me da mal el ingle ;S

  5. Gracias por pasarte!
    te sigo me encanta el blog!