Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Golden Age-The Asteroids.

Sooo, I've been looking for some images since you started asking us about room's inspiration, and these ones are my favourites. Will make soon another post with images of my own room<3

1.I love shelves mix-decorated, like jewelry, pictures, sourvenirs, and even shoes!
2. OMG, this would be a dream room for me, an attic, that giant bed with lots of pillows and cushions and the canopy, and lots of light coming in through the window.
3. I think there should be one dreamcatcher in every girl's room. (This one is from Spell & The Gypsy).
4. Put a romantic touch with a row of candles in a shelve or everywhere, or that little "Christmas tree" lights, so so lovely.
5.If I ever had a wood floor, I would messy-paint it all.
7.Another room. i really like. See those little lights I told you about? And  i also love all those pictures in the wall.

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  1. dios que fotos mas bonitas my room my mess me encanta ajajajajaj :$ como siempre me pongo contenta al pasar por vuestro blog, un besito :$