Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hoy lo siento-Zion&Lennox

Found picture above on Tumblr and suddenly have felt so nostalgic about my time in L.A. I remember when I arrived to my college and I saw the hole city from the hills for the first time (first pic). I felt so far from home. But now that I look back on time, I would had like it to last forever. Because even if they are miles and miles away, there are places, moments and people, that you won't never forget.

The pic left was taken in Newport Beach (the O.C. Tv serie one!) and pic below was taken in a madness moment, please believe me, we are total mentally ordered people hahahaha.


  1. venga que pasada la primerra foto y la de fuckinfornia jajajajaja, eme cnanta una paada